My name is Georgina Hobor and I come from Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary.  At present I live in Milan, where I work as a professional model. I love my job I feel very fortunate that I can do for a living what I am passionate about. I very much enjoy travelling to new and exciting places, which is part of my work, and at the same time, I am always happy to return to the comfort and peace of my home. I believe in a healthy lifestyle, eating foods that are rich in nutritions, and working out daily to stay in shape. I have a long list of healthy recipes and whenever I don’t work, I hit the kitchen to prepare some of my old recipes or come up with new ones that I can spoil my family and friends with.

I have been working full time as a photo model since 2013.
After completing a professional modelling course in Italy, I travelled around the country and did several photo shoots.  I enjoy working locally, but I also look forward to opportunities abroad.  I have joined a modelling agency in Milan, but I don’t work with them exclusively.  I put much emphasis on high quality work and proper effort from both me and the professionals I work with. I am aiming for top quality results and that is why I always come prepared to a photo shoot. I have the same expectations from the people I work with, that is why good communication is extremely important to me (sufficient information regarding the photo shoot, such as time, location, date, budget, contact information of the photographer, the topic of the shoot, approximate time when I can receive the photos, etc). I like to be punctual and I always bring my positive attitude and cheerful, happy nature to the photo shoots. I firmly believe that work should be precise, but also fun, as in my experience these type of shoots deliver the best results.

I usually ask a new photographer I work with about his/her website and social network contacts, as I would like to see his/her details and portfolio. All this information helps me to get an overall picture of the photographer.

I am the happiest when at the end of a photo shoot day all of us (the client, most importantly) are happy and satisfied.

I mostly accept paid assignments, but also consider TF shooting in so far as photographer represents high quality. My usual genres are fashion, beauty, glamour and portrait.

Many thanks for Zsombor Orkeny and Erika Puskas for their ideas and input in creating my website
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